Nihangs - Passage from Panth Prakhash

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Nihang Singhs:

First the Guru sent the experienced warriors (Bhujangis) towards Majha,
Directing them to initiate Sikhs and settle them around Amritsar.
In this way, the Nihang Singhs raised their numerical strength,
With heavy sticks (sota’s) in their hands and daggers (khanda’s) slung from their shoulders (26)

Some of these Singhs remained homeless (chakarvarti), some camped in Gurdrawas
While some others raised their own congregations (dharamsalas) and cantonments (bungas)
The Guru’s followers invited these Singhs as guests of honour,
Instead of feeding the traditional Brahmanical priests (27)

If a Singh was ever in dire need of some food articles,
He would unhesitatingly walk into any Sikh household.
He would pick up only that much quantity of rations,
As would suffice his day’s needs for flour, butter-oil or salt. (28)

The householder would declare, the Nihangs have come,
And ask his spouse (Sikhni), open the doors without fear
The Sikh housewife would readily carry out his instructions,
And offer as much provisions as the Singhs needed.

The Singhs would arrive at a Sikh household daily in this way,
After enquiring about the location of a Sikh house.
The Sikh housewives would offer them provisions promptly.
After welcoming them generously and verbally. (30)

As the Khalsa Panth increased considerably in numerical strength,
They needed a lot of provisions for their upkeep.
So whatever the impoverished Singhs did not have,
They would pick up from the houses of others. (31)

- Panth Prakhash, Budha Dal steek page 118-119, volume 1
Author: Shahid Rattan Singh Bhangoo, dated at 1841

Old Painting of two Nihang Singhs

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