History [Uthanka] of Sarbloh Granth - Katha

1:20 AM

Press play below to hear Katha by Giani Baba Inderjit Singh Ji explaining the Uthankaa [historical context] of Sri Sarbloh Granth, also known as Sri Manglacharan Puran.

Giani Baba Inderjit Singh Ji also explains the concept of Sanyaasi in the Hindu ancient context and the modern Sikh context. Giani Baba Inderjit Singh Ji explained in another recording that in the Khalsa Panth our Sanyaasi, the highest state out of the four Ashraams [explaination is in the katha], is seen as the Birkat Farladhari Akali Nihung Singh. Their Farla would be seen as the sign that they are the highest order, being the Sanyaasi's, of the Panth. They would represent the Saniyaasi order within the Sikh Panth and wherever there would be a gathering of Saniyaasi's from other Panth's.

To read the history of Sarbloh Granth view this page: http://www.manglacharan.com/p/sarbloh-granth.html

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