Importance of Shraad Tradition - Nanak Prakash

11:42 AM

Tomorrow, September 23rd, is the starting day of Shraad. Shraad is an ancient Indian festival in which food is prepared to serve ones ancestors. This festival ends on the 7th of October.

Press the play button below to hear Giani Baba Inderjit Singh Ji briefly narrating the story of Guru Nanak Dev Ji giving 'Updesh' [teaching] to his father, Baba Kalu Ji, about Shraad and the importance. The 'sakhi' is narrated in the historical book [granth], Sri Nanak Prakash Granth.

This is practise is now common to be labelled as "Hindu" and "anti-Gurmat", but Baba Ji explains in his katha what Shraad for the Khalsa means, which is to serve langar to both our ancestors and to the needy. The Bhai Chaupa Singh Rehatnama and Rehat Ki Rehatnama attributed to Bhai Nand Lal both support the ceremony of Shraad along with the B40 Janamsakhi.

Below is a photograph of a fresco from Gurdrawa Baba Atal, which is in the complex of Sri Harimandar Sahib Amritsar. The Fresco depicts Guru Nanak Dev Ji giving the teaching to his father Baba Kalu Ji in relation to Shraad. It shows how Guru Nanak Dev Ji places his hand upon his father and shows his father 'Baikunt', where Baba Kalu Ji's parents reside.

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