The Nine Nights of Nauratey and The Tenth of Dusshera

8:37 PM

The nine nights of Naurate, [Navratri, a festival of worship directed to the various forms of Shakti], start this year on October 7th, and go to the 16th. The tenth day, which is October 17th, will be Dusshera, marking the date when Sri Ram Chandra Ji destroyed the Demon King Ravan. Celebrations for Dusshera happen at Takht Sri Hazur Sahib, Paonta Sahib, and Chamkaur Sahib.

The tradition for Navratari in the Sikh context has been outlined in the following passage from Suraj Prakash Granth where Guru Gobind Singh Ji commands his Singhs to conduct the seva [selfless service] and worship towards can be viewed here:

To listen to katha about Dusshera please view this link:

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